Change Your Energy Change Your Life Online Program

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life:
Become Your Own CEO, “Chief Energy Officer,” now in just 2-3 minutes/day over 30 days!

Change Your Energy Change Your Life Online Program


I hope you will take advantage of a new, life-transforming program. If you lead a team, great growth is achieved by all participating daily.
Neuroscientists reveal that by the age of 35, 95% of your thoughts, beliefs and actions are memorized unconscious reactions, in other words, habits. When you choose to become your own CEO, that is “Chief Energy Officer,” you will learn how to change your energy to change your life! I want you to get “triple As” and achieve your heart’s desires by applying the proven 3As process of Awareness, Acknowledging your energy blocks and taking Aligned action right now.


You are your energy!

Your thoughts and feelings are basically energy vibrations that can be elevated to create what you desire. This video program will guide you to align and elevate how you THINK AND FEEL to create the changes you have long-desired in your life. And when you change, you will ultimately change how you relate to all those you touch at home or work.


When you become your own CEO:

– Your relationships at home and work will improve

– You will STOP old habits and replace them with the new way you want to be

– Your new clarity will result in more time and energy.

– This program will support you to reach your heart’s desires

PLUS…The Program is fast:

Daily 2 to 3 minute videos over 30 days – each day a different 60 sec. story, short lesson, and an action item for you to begin to think and feel differently.

It’s fun: Each video contains a story, lesson, and action from me. The result is that this method delivers 10 times the normal efficacy of workbooks, journals, books, or CDs.

It works: It’s guaranteed. You will see progress. We have measured the improvement of those participating – and your data is tracked and available for you.

Do they like it? — Survey aligned with the needs of your org at the end of programs.

• Participation:

Industry standard is less than 5% participation, we get an average of 91% voluntary participation rate. That’s more than 10x the industry norm

• Completion rates:

Industry standard is less than 2% completion, we average a 73% completion rate for Programs – again, voluntary participation – which is basically unheard of in our industry.

• We average a 34% growth rate across our Programs. (employees feel they grow)

• We have a 94% employee approval rate of our daily videos. (employees love it)


How It Works

If you are the leader, you will have an Account Manager assigned to ensure your participants have the best experience.
– It’s affordable: Participate in “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!” for pennies if your team joins in.

Try out 3 of the videos for free:

I partnered with this inspiring organization after much thought! Avanoo has selected world-renowned thought leaders and speakers to create similar 30-day programs. When you sign up, it affords you access to many other experts.
My hope is that this program, which has been my life’s passion and purpose, helps you on your journey as it has my family, friends, peers, associates and me.
If you choose to have your team participate, you will also receive performance and growth reports, see an example at