Rave Reviews!
Personal testimonials from attendees of Vicki’s programs and readers of her book attest to the Scream to Dream approach of living and leading.

“I resonated with Vicki’s writing. Her story “screamed” of  the universal corporate experience: preparation and experience meets opportunity yielding great success only to be thwarted by cosmic and uncontrollable forces. But Vicki rises like a Phoenix from the ashes through incredible personal introspection and revaluation on a highly introspective and personal exploration of the soul. Vicki has a great and personal story to tell and in that story is a message for us all.”

 – Jack Milligan, President of Leathers Milligan, and former VP of HR for several companies

The principles shared by Vicki make her book a must read for any savvy global thinker or CEO. 

 – Laura Alden Kamm, medical intuitive and author.

The compelling, yet plain language, in Vickis book aroused my brain and caused me to dig deep. Her method helps all people.

 – Michael Boguslawski (Bogey), the #1 consumer advocate, formerly with CBS Channel 2.

I trust Vickis whole person approach to leading will not only help each person listen to the physician within, but also find his or her inner leader and trust the wisdom it will reveal, in so doing you will not only become a happier, healthier, more fulfilled human being, but will also elevate our world one person at a time.

 – Internationally acclaimed holistic physician and author, Dr. Gladys T. McGarey.

“This book must be on every entrepreneurs and managers’ bookshelf, easily accessible and referenced often.  Vicki shares many personal learning experiences that translate into helpful strategies involving management, group dynamics, “best fit” approaches and work team environments.  You can draw from it quickly and find a variety of tools to fit employees to their best roles, allowing them to excel, exceed and accomplish everything put in front of them.  It offers self-help tools to develop your personal leadership style.  A quick read and a tool for anyone in corporate America!”

 – Georgiana Anderson, college professor and business leader.