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2011 Business Management Best Book Finalist

2012 Career Best Book Finalist

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Are you walking in the shoes of your dreams?

In Vicki Sandler’s multiple award winning book, Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader, you will learn how you can have a life of your dreams–one filled with more time, energy, health, wealth and happiness. Through simple, practical, proven methods, you will take away how to:

– identify your “scream” of joy from your core, that is, your expression of your life’s joys and natural gifts. And once it’s out, there is no stopping you or your employee’s potential! When aligned with your “scream”, you will have more time and energy and accomplish more with less!

– tap into the power of your infinite, intuitive wisdom, which comprises over 90% of the information available to you, compared to 10% of the information derived from your cognitive thoughts.

– understand the mind-body connection and what your body is telling you in the form of pain about where you are out of alignment with your scream.

– face the fear of change fearlessly in your personal and professional life to transform it to one of your dreams!

There are over 30 exercises to incorporate the Scream to Dream approach that worked for Vicki, her employees, friends and peers. The resources that she has used are all referenced.

The Scream to Dream method explained in her book, enables business leaders to:

-Align your employees’ natural talents with their work — and with  your organization’s values —  resulting in higher employee engagement and productivity,

-Experience better health and lower health care costs,

-Attract and retain employees who are best-fit, not mis-fit.

How? The Find Your Scream method uses three powerful steps:

Find Your Answers Within. Listen to your all-powerful intuition or gut feel.

Explore Your Core. Identify your scream and your signature gifts and listen to your body for clues when you are out of alignment.

Release Your Fear. Recognize when your fear is holding you back, release it and replace it with your desired way of being.

BOOK SYNOPSIS: 280 pages; 30 exercises.

People’s lives are changing as a result of her work. Her method has been endorsed by business leaders, medical professionals, employees, peers and friends, click here for testimonials.

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