Breakthrough Conscious Leadership With Vicki Sandler

Energize Your Organization With a Transformative, Interactive Keynote, Workshop or Training That Guarantees Results!


Vicki Sandler will excite, energize and engage you to become a conscious leader and a merchant of hope and meaning in your life and work, ultimately transforming you and your organization.

Breakthrough conscious leadership was developed from Vicki’s life experiences where she learned to lead more from “heart than head,” and the success of their start up company. It combines cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics, medical and psychological principles, anchored by proven practices to help you optimize your time, energy, effectiveness and fulfillment in life and work.

Studies have consistently shown that the most effective individuals and leaders are among the most self-aware. When you become consciously aware and align your personal and professional goals with your unique passion and abilities you hold the key to sustainable success.

If you are ready to grow, evolve and become your own conscious leader — your own CEO (Chief Energy Officer) — in charge of the choices in your life, Vicki’s programs are for you … and as a result, you and your teams will:

GAIN new clarity that will result in more time and energy, and increased productivity for you and your team

STOP old habits and replace them with the new way you choose to be as your own CEO

IMPROVE your health, well-being and those of your team members

EXPERIENCE more joyful relationships at home and at work


What other business leaders and inspired thinkers say about Vicki’s work:

Vicki’s fantastic presentation was full of energy and powerful. Your points were excellent and eye-opening. You kept things in perspective and what you spoke of was very insightful. I will highly recommend you to other organizations because your presentation is beneficial to all who hear, view, and participate in it with you.

                       – Dr. Rosalie Lopez, University of Phoenix

“Vicki was wonderful and engaging in her talk…I can’t wait to read the book and apply her knowledge, so stay tuned!”

– Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR, President of Leathers Milligan

“The principles shared by Vicki make her book a must read for any savvy global thinker or CEO. Vicki will encourage and inspire you to find your calling in life.”

            – Laura Alden Kamm, health professional and author

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In 90 Seconds Vicki Explains How Her Practical Proven “3A’s” Process Transformed Their Start-up Company From $-10Million to >$200Million In Revenue Per Year For Over a Decade!

To learn, practice and reinforce how to consciously live and lead, participate in the online version of Vicki’s video program that takes just 2-3 minutes/day for 30 days. 


Change your energy change your life 3Be Your Own CEO (Chief Energy Officer): Change Your Energy to Change Your Life! is a self-study online video program that individuals and organizations have delivered to their workstation each day to anchor and achieve transformation.

To try out 3 free videos, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGyoQnAkJtUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch=UzSa0n0O6kM ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wEFEpl8BwU

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