You are your energy!

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: Become Your Own CEO, “Chief Energy Officer,” now in just 2-3 minutes/day over 30 days!

What energy do you bring to your life and work?

Are you the “CEO” Chief Energy Officer of your own life?

Do you crave more time and energy?

Are you asked to do more with less?

Is your organization energized to produce the optimal results?

You can be the most fulfilled and effective individual and leader when you become aware of your energy. As you and your associates transform to a life and work of meaning and joy, your organization will too!

-You, as a business professional or business leader, will discover how to identify and align your own and your associates’ strengths and core values with your jobs for the most powerful results.

-You will identify where change would enhance your success and that of your organization, and you will anchor the process of behavioral change through exercises in Vicki’s workshops and award-winning book.

-You will understand how to create an environment where your associates want to engage in meaningful work for sustained organizational success.

Vicki Sandler distills thirty years of proven personal and professional experience  in her keynote speeches, workshops and as set forth in her multiple award-winning business leadership and management, business motivation and career book, Find Your Scream, Live Your Dream: Discover Your Inner Leader.  Refer to the book synopsis, and speaker info for more information to get you energized today!

Business leaders and inspired thinkers endorse Vicki’s work, stating,

“The principles shared by Vicki make this book a must read for any savvy global thinker or CEO.”

“Her work ‘screams’ to us all. The stories about turning tough life events into success in all walks of life are compelling. Her three step, Scream to Dream, method can help all people.”

“Vicki will encourage and inspire you to find your calling in life.”

“Vicki was wonderful and engaging in her talk…I can’t wait to read the book and apply her knowledge, so stay tuned!”


“I resonated with Vicki’s writing. Vicki has a great and personal story to tell and in that story is a message for us all.”
– Jack Milligan, SPHR, GPHR, President of Leathers Milligan

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Vicki guarantees results from utilizing her approach. When you work with Vicki, from a business perspective, you will:


  1. Get more wins & a sustainable competitive advantage. You can do this inexpensively by getting back to the basics. It’s as simple as being clear on who you are, what you are good at, and what you want.
  2. Optimize the use of your intuition as a leader and coach by aligning employees’ desires and strengths with their jobs, thereby increasing productivity.
  3. Create an environment where your employee wants to engage in meaningful work.
  4. Retain the best-fit employees and recruit qualified, motivated people.
  5. Reduce health care costs by creating a healthy environment and using a whole person approach.

How? Through the “Proven Process”.